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Join us for Drink Houston Better @ Poison Girl, 2/6/2011!

If you’re like us, you don’t even know who’s playing in the Super Bowl, much less when it is. (Well, our managing editor does. Sorry James.) But if you like Glass Mountain, and you like charity events, and hey – if you like to drink, drink with us at the Drink Houston Better event, Superbowl Sunday, February 6th, 2011!

Hang out with the Glass Mountain staff while we knock back some brewskies and occasionally glance over at the television when someone in tights runs a few feet. Hey – it gets people to the best bar in Houston, and it benefits the journal, you know, the one that’s still committed to publishing you?

See you there!

We Are Proud to Announce the 2010 Winners of the Robertson Prize

On June 7th through 12, Boldface 2010 went into full swing. To the casual passerby, a crowd of students in plaid shirts and jeans gathered in tightly knit groups. Some laughed hysterically, others read to themselves in a corner next to a plant, and still others, sipping coffee, wove in and out of conversations that discussed “caesura” and “metonymy” in that shared language so vital to understanding craft. Such is the character of Glass Mountain‘s Boldface Conference for Emerging Writer – a scattering of minds in that small sunlit space between the Honors College and Special Collections.

But the real treasure of Boldface is the emergence of the writing community: that rare communion that is found in a conversation about voice, aesthetic, line breaks, and narrative structure. Graduate-level, undergraduate level, published, unpublished, editor, struggling writer – all in conversation about how strange it is to be alive.

You can still hear it.

We asked the participants of the 2010 Boldface Conference to submit their revised work to the Robertson Prize Contest for Excellence in Creative Writing. It is our pleasure to announce the winners and runners up in each genre:

In Poetry, Laura Theobald, for “There Was a War”

Runners Up: Derrick Austin, “Sleeping Under an Oak”

Nicole Walker, “Full Volume”

In Fiction, Heather Pedoto, for her novel excerpt

Runners up: Stan Le, “Visions of Elijah”

Wesley Buhler, “Places Called Home”


Did you see us at East End?

If you weren’t at the East End Arts Festival, we missed you! And you  missed a killer reading by our killer Robertson Prize winners and staff, some of the many creative voices in our Houston arts community. Glass Mountain and friends took the stage for an hour inside Bohemeo’s and encored outdoors. We read to the sounds of a live mariachi band and a bounce house full of niños, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Special thanks to Tina Richardson, one of our alumni staff, who was ready to wing it with poetry from her purse, and of course, to Bohemeo’s for giving our emerging writers a chance behind the microphone.

Join us at East End Cultural Fest!

Join us on Sunday, October 17th at Bohemeo’s, where Glass Mountain will be reading for the East End Cultural Arts Festival. The event lasts all day, and Glass Mountain will be holding a reading on stage from 2pm-3pm.

Bohemeo’s is located in the Tlaquepaque Market in the heart of East End, one of the earliest historic Houston settlements and home to the two oldest Hispanic neighborhoods, Magnolia Park and Second Ward. Complete with its own fountain, Bohemeo’s also boasts an ample outdoor stage and can cook up some delicious sandwiches, pizzas, and fish tacos, along with a wide selection of coffee, beer and wine. Come by, hang out, listen to some poetry and live music, and enjoy life.

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Red Block Bash is Just Around the Corner!

The Red Block Bash is an outstanding event held by the Art Department in the Blaffer Courtyard every semester. This semester, Glass Mountain will be:

  • Holding a reading
  • Giving away free journals
  • Soliciting all submissions, including art
  • Handing out art editor applications

Come hang out with us, have some free pizza and soda, check out the outstanding selections on display at the Blaffer Gallery, and watch some pretty amazing interpretive dance at the Red Block Bash. It’s from 4-7 this Thursday, and just in time to head on over to Poison Girl for their extra-special anniversary reading. See you there!

Glass Mountain Seeks New Staff Members!

Glass Mountain seeks to fill positions for an art editor, an assistant web-editor, and all readers (fiction and poetry). If you are interested in becoming a staff member, please download and fill out the attached application below and email it back to glassmountaineditors@gmail.com or drop it off in the Glass Mountain mailbox in the English Department office by July 15, 2010. We will consider any application, even if you are not a Creative Writing or English major. Thanks for your interest in Glass Mountain!

Download the Glass Mountain Staff Application

Open Mic Night at Bohemeo’s

Last night, the 2010 Boldface conferees brought it with their best stuff! The short stories were alternately hilarious and moving, and the poetry was earth-shatteringly beautiful (and hilarious, especially Brian’s “Bunny Poem”). Special thanks to Gerald Cedillo for setting us up in this awesome space and to Brian Mensik for doing an outstanding job emceeing the event. Thanks guys!

And most of all, thanks to the conferees for making this event as special as it was. We are so lucky to have such talented conferees this year – this is what makes Boldface special.

Some choice shots from last night:

And video of the readers:

All additional video of Open Mic night can be found on our YouTube channel, or under the username, “GlassMountainUH.”

Boldface 2010 Has Kicked Off!

Yesterday, bold|face 2010 kicked off without a hitch. (Shh. Ignore all those claims that the vegetarian sandwiches never showed up.)

Everyone was in a great mood and ready to get in the trenches and really work on their stuff and things. Here’s some proof:

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