The Nexus Commemorative Boldface Chapbook

Nexus is the chapbook commemorating the inaugural year of Boldface, a Conference for Emerging writers sponsored by Glass Mountain. 

The pieces featured in this chapbook were winners and nominees for the Robertson Prize in Fiction and poetry.  The chapbook itself was designed by the University of Houston Graphic Design students, led by Assistant Professor Cheryl Beckett.


Royal Horse

Fiction: "Royal Horse" by Chris Webb

  I needed something more than walking alone to the p/x, listening to the sound of the rocks crunching beneath my feet. Something more than worried voices on the phone, missing me, kind words and distant silence. Alone in my

Fiction: "Sunspots" by David Gonzales

  As a child, mother always warned me not to stare into the sun, lest I go blind.  I wondered how something that felt so good could also be so frightening.  Our first grade teacher warned us of the same

Poetry: "do these in remembrance of me" by Scott Chalupa

  Kiss me in the twilight when dreams Die – when the starlight miracle drains From the sky. I will stab your echoed footsteps With my Ticonderoga. Drawing long shadows behind Your last words, I will dissolve into your forgetful

Poetry: "Bread and Fishooks" by Derrick Austin

  The pond out back is a ring of black glass; I feed catfish with stale bread. From the wharf, brown whiskers burst from the mirror. As if I worked magic, they clapped their jaws. Send out your bread upon

Poetry: "Bathing" by Christie Maurer

  It happens. Every time I am shocked to find among the fine sand-colored hairs swimming in the bath water a kinked strand of pure black, thick as thread. I slide my thumb and index finger curiously across the coarse

Poetry: "Deportation of '93" by Cynthia Plascencia

The LORD had said to Abram, Leave your country, your people and your father’s household and go to the land I will show you Genesis 12:1   Small cracks near his eyes cradled tears. They rolled off his face, falling