Vol. 1 | Poetry: “From Me to Myself” by Pedro Rivas


we have old tears in jelly jars and
lock our sadness in our cars,

we’ve paper-bagged our feelings in
the same place that we vomit —

it’s getting kind of redundant, yes
it’s getting kind of slow, yet
we like it just fine the way it is
we thought you’d like to know.

there’s flowers baking in the oven with
sprinkled bits of lonely hearts

there’s clouds committing suicide but
no one really dies from that —

it’s just the same old same old, yes
it’s just the way it was before, but
we’re working on the glitches
we’re only asking you to give us more.

and we will write the real story of
the better life you seemed to lack

and we will get angry letters from
those who want their money back.



Pedro RivasPedro Rivas grew up in Houston, Texas and graduated with a B.A. in English – Creative Writing from the University of Houston. Since graduating, he’s worked as a facilities coordinator by day while still pursuing artistic ventures and travels in his free time. He still enjoys a great story whether it’s told in literature, music, theater, and especially film. He’s contributed to film production and screenplay writing the last few years, and he is a co-founder and program director of the Houston Latino Film Festival, a nonprofit Latino arts organization.  His poem “From Me to Myself” was published in the first edition of Glass Mountain.