Meet Glass Mountain’s talented Fall 2016 Staff


Upper Editorial Team











LeeAnne Carlson, Editor

Devyn Price, Co-Managing Editor

Georges Boulos, Co-Managing Editor

Francesca Ervin, Fiction Editor

Maryam Ahmed, Poetry Editor

Vanessa Berumen, Art Editor

Marissa Isabel Gonzalez, Reviews Editor

Kim Coy, Public Relations Manager

Carol Harkness, Web Editor


Fiction and Nonfiction Team









Fiction Editor: Francesca Ervin

Assistant Fiction Editors:

Anthony Álvares

Aubrey Cowley

Sega Demissie

Shaelynn Enquist

Christina Escamilla

Dominique Gibbs

Karla Gonzalez

Samina Huq

Devin Jacquet

Brianna Kessler

Quentin Key-Tello

Anna Montero

Sira Ntagha

Michael Patten

Natalya Pomeroy

Eric Rapée

Tom Santos

Rose Singh

Elizabeth Stravoski

Christian Su

Michel Vidal


Poetry Team










Poetry Editor: Maryam Ahmed

Assistant Poetry Editors:

Alex Colter

Laraib Hashmi

Angela Montez

Will Oram

Amanda Ortiz

Mayra Romero


Art and Reviews Team









Reviews Editor: Marissa Isabel Gonzalez

Art Editor: Vanessa Berumen

Assistant Art Editors:

Leah Bydalek

Emily Citino

Edith Villasenor


Assistant Public Relations Manager
Sydney Gonzalez

Graduate Advisor
Erika-Jo Brown

Faculty Advisor
Audrey Colombe

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