Don’t miss Boldface 2013!


The deadline for the 2013 Boldface Conference has been extended to midnight on Saturday, May 4.  We’ve got a few spots left – don’t miss the chance to workshop your fiction, poetry and creative non-fiction at the country’s only literary conference specifically for emerging writers. Boldface 2013 will be held from May 20-24 on the UH campus, and this year’s visiting writers are Joni Tevis, Jericho Brown and Miah Arnold. The student registration fee of $125 includes breakfast and lunch daily, plus workshops, lectures, panels, craft talks, readings, and more.  Come join us!

Be bold/face the writer in you.

Glass Mountain Spring 2013 Issue + Boldface!

Hey all, we’re back with another issue, this time for Spring 2013, with a launch at the Poetry & Prose Reading Series in the UH honors commons.

Doesn’t it look awesome?  We have our contest winners in this one (congratulations, gals and guys!) and with it done, the last bit of business we have left is our conference.

Have you guys checked out yet?  It’s a conference we put on for emerging writers, and the registration deadline is fast approaching.  It’s super cheap and we give you breakfast and lunch (that’s a pretty sweet deal, right?) and workshops and craft talks.  It’s a lot of fun, and we hope to see you there!

Write-A-Thon Contest Winners

Congrats to all who participated in the write-a-thon writing contests. We’re publishing the winners below for each category. The contest entries were all written within a two hour window during the write-a-thon, for prizes of $25 in each category.

Special thanks to our judges, Mat Johnson, Tony Hoagland, Kevin Prufer, and Aaron Reynolds.


Limerick Award Winner: Scott Chalupa

Judge: Tony Hoagland


A woman consumed with her weaving

discovered her husband was leaving

then opened her blouse

to all sorts of louts

and bedded her way through the grieving.



Shortest Story Award winner: Melissa Dziedzic

Judge: Mat Johnson


The bearded lady, passing a mirror, went to the store to buy scissors and a razor.



Haiku Award Winner: Rebecca Wadlinger

Judge: Kevin Prufer

The wooden swing moves
April’s wind is hard and strong
but the child is gone


Flash Fiction Winner: Jenni McFarland

Judge: Aaron Reynolds


When George came home, Alice was reading his email.  Without looking up, she clicked the message, marked it “unread,” and closed out the tab.  She left open her own email, and a few innocuous Wikipedia pages.

She was better at this game than he.  He always greeted her too eagerly when she came home; with shaky hands, he’d close out the porn he’d been watching before she made it over to kiss him hello.

Did you know Madonna went to U of M,” she said.  He kissed her, looking over her shoulder at the computer.  She knew he would.  “How was your day?”  She figured she’d clear the browser history when he went to wash his face.

Not bad,” he said, squeezing her shoulder.  “Mind if I hop on?  I need to email my professor.”

No problem.  He’d have no reason to suspect she’d been snooping.

She passed his laptop, then sat picking at her fingernails.

He wasn’t typing.  He watched her over the top of the screen.

She smiled.  “I’ve had ‘Like a Virgin’ in my head all day.”

He was clicking the touchpad, still not typing.  He’d probably gotten side-tracked reading Madonna’s Wikipedia page.

We should go to a concert,” she said.

Sure.” His monosyllabic response was disconcerting.  He still wasn’t typing.  Perhaps he was reading her email.  That didn’t worry her.  She kept the emails from his brother in a separate account.  So why the grunted response?  The narrowed eyes? He glanced between her and the screen.

Then it hit her.  She’d only closed his email out; she hadn’t signed out of the page.  He would have found his email already logged on.  She waited for him to say something, but he didn’t.  He just handed the computer back to her, and went to wash his face.









We Are Proud to Announce the 2010 Winners of the Robertson Prize

On June 7th through 12, Boldface 2010 went into full swing. To the casual passerby, a crowd of students in plaid shirts and jeans gathered in tightly knit groups. Some laughed hysterically, others read to themselves in a corner next to a plant, and still others, sipping coffee, wove in and out of conversations that discussed “caesura” and “metonymy” in that shared language so vital to understanding craft. Such is the character of Glass Mountain‘s Boldface Conference for Emerging Writer – a scattering of minds in that small sunlit space between the Honors College and Special Collections.

But the real treasure of Boldface is the emergence of the writing community: that rare communion that is found in a conversation about voice, aesthetic, line breaks, and narrative structure. Graduate-level, undergraduate level, published, unpublished, editor, struggling writer – all in conversation about how strange it is to be alive.

You can still hear it.

We asked the participants of the 2010 Boldface Conference to submit their revised work to the Robertson Prize Contest for Excellence in Creative Writing. It is our pleasure to announce the winners and runners up in each genre:

In Poetry, Laura Theobald, for “There Was a War”

Runners Up: Derrick Austin, “Sleeping Under an Oak”

Nicole Walker, “Full Volume”

In Fiction, Heather Pedoto, for her novel excerpt

Runners up: Stan Le, “Visions of Elijah”

Wesley Buhler, “Places Called Home”