Claire Gage: The End of an Era

Claire Gage, the cover artist for Glass Mountain: Volume 14, is a senior in the Photography and Digital Media program at the University of Houston.

Her project, The End of an Era, takes a look into her family’s history working in the farming industry for over the past 100 years in Autaugaville, Alabama. The once large and diverse farming operation now consists of only a few cotton fields and livestock, but all of the houses that generations of the family grew up in still remain. As the generations continue, the family has begun to move away from its historic farmland, and the remaining family that is currently farming it is ready to retire and move away. With no one in the family willing to take on the farm, it will have to be sold. As a measure to maintain her family’s history, Claire Gage has undertaken this project to photograph the remnants of the farm and its inhabitants.

A book of her images and family’s story is available through Blurb at