Shards | Issue 01

Welcome to Shards where you will find Glass Mountain online exclusives, feature reviews and the occasional look at favorites from past print editions.

Hurricane Harvey has been a tragic touch-point for many people along the Gulf Coast of Texas. Yet it has also brought tales of heroism, of selflessness, and of community.  For our first issue, we spotlight some of the voices and experiences of those affected.

"Poof!" by Mark Livanos

The structure is a cartoon. Beams burst out like watch springs, floors flay like toothpicks, joists now sticks cannot hold a load, or be re-constructed back into that intricate attic cathedral. Even cross beams and braces that once had the

"Scent of a Monster" by Mark Kissinger

For me, it starts in my back yard, standing on the patio slab sniffing the air for a monster. The winds pick up and puff now and then, dry, loose clouds, and then it comes: the first taste of the

"Ecology of Concrete" by Phillip Luke Sinitiere

after Jonathan Moody   Accumulated Cyclone Energy spins on the turntable as water rises on equalizer bands like heat on grillz.   Slabs swang in the rain as turnt up winds boom louder than speakers when trunks bump full of

Interview with Bradley LeConey by Paloma Alvarado

Bradley LeConey is a sign language interpreter and manager at the fourth-busiest Starbucks in the United States. Although he is originally from New Jersey, he moved to Houston to start a new life and go back to school. Sign language


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