Shards | Issue 02

Welcome to Shards where you will find Glass Mountain online exclusives, feature reviews and the occasional look at favorites from past print editions.

In the second edition of our online magazine we conclude our series on Voices of Harvey with an offering of poignant works on loss and longing.

"watching waiting" by Stephanie Madan

waters encroach beneath two doors    she watches    she watches the man’s bright strings of spittle dance in the rise and fall of his snores    this old man in his wheelchair who refused to leave    he promised they could tolerate a

"A Pattern Sets In" by Mark Kessinger

Eventually the rain increases. The tone, timbre, volume and tempo begin to beat on your roof, your windows, anything hollow you left in the drip-line.As the torrents slacken, the downspouts drum on my plastic hose housing, splatter on the flagstones

"Remember to Re-regard" by Mark Kessinger

they are stamping out rumors that the flood waters carry plague. Or that you need to worry about tetanus. False. Both, don’t worry about that. Scratch one or two little things off your list. The threat of explosion from the

"The Nightgown" by Cameron Maynard

      Cameron Maynard is a photographer based in Dallas, Texas. His work explores themes of American culture and how we choose to display them. Outside of photography, Cameron serves as nonfiction editor for Carve Magazine and teaches at


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